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Ok, so you thought we would just list out offices and call it a day, right? Not our style.  Let’s start with a letter from our Chair.


Purpose Starts with Each of Us

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is the importance of our workplaces. If we are all working hard as individuals, we’ll never fully unlock new ideas or optimize how we learn from each other.

The best organizations are filled with teams who have decided that their mission and vision is their north star.  It drives their decision-making every day. Excellence in the workplace always sounds so easy, yet it is one of the more vexing situations that every C-Suite leader thinks about. It is our view that the details matter and every program that touches an employee is worthy of the excellence we all deserve.  It’s why, over the years, our range of work includes employee sponsored healthcare, voluntary benefits, retirement benefits, workplace well-being and mental health, recruiting, benefits brokers, HR technology, benefits deliver and workplace consulting. The workplace is more than a message. It is a reflection of the actions we take across the board to make our business life seamless, supportive and sensible.  It is within this framework that our larger story can be heard.

As you may be able to tell, we are passionate about the workplace, which is why we always love collaborating with the leaders who have a desire to evolve it. Our offering is designed to provide insights, develop actionable campaigns and stay focused on making a difference that is long-lasting.  You might say sustainable. It’s why we say that “purpose” starts with each of us.

Many companies today talk about finding their purpose. The answer is inside each of us. Sometimes that North Star needs some sharpening.  Other times it needs to be created. But the journey starts with each of us.  And from there, we decide to make a difference in how we work together.

It’s this energy and enthusiasm in our firm that drives us.

Best, Bob



We carry this thinking into our offices, which include our newly unveiled office at 230 Park Avenue in The Helmsley building (NYC), our Holmdel, New Jersey office in the Bell Labs Holmdel Complex, and our future Austin building at 3901 Woodbury Drive.



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230 Park Ave., 2nd Floor West

New York, NY

We are located in the heart of Midtown, just a block away from Grand Central Station.

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101 Crawfords Corner Rd.

Holmdel, NJ

We are located in the Bell Works building, a center for innovation.

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400 N. Saint Paul St. Suite 1020

Dallas, TX

Our first office in Texas in this vibrant city.

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New Location Coming Soon!

Austin, TX

We are building our new office in South Austin and will unveil the new location later this year.

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LABS House 15-19 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2TH

London, UK

We just started here, so we do have a small office.

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