Shared Services

What We Do

Founders are at their best when they are focusing on creating value for their clients. Our goal is to get as close to 100% of their time to (focus on what they do best) which is only possible if we have a Shared Services team that is also best in class.

We define Shared Services as all services that unlock the potential of a founder and their team, which includes Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Real Estate and anything else that improves our focus. We believe silos are great to have on a farm to store grain, but are much less useful in an organizational setting.

One Team, One Purpose

Our shared services team works as one team, sharing what they learn across firms, so we learn from each other at a rapid pace. We also focus on how we can improve business decision-making, ranging from capacity analysis to specialized training programs, while ensuring that our “cost” for shared services stays at a very reasonable level for all firms.


It is our view that Shared Services leaders are as important as Practice Leaders, e.g., Healthcare or leaders of firms. It is our ability to streamline workflow, accelerate decision-making and align with how our business is forming that creates an edge for our Founders.

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Shaping the Future

Our model is designed to shape the future. Here are the basics that we have put in place.

We start with Shared Services, which frees up our founders to focus on innovation and client value.

Next, we are building an offering that cuts across communications, marketing and public affairs, our three platforms for growth.  Every firm can access paid, earned, shared and owned media expertise; data science and analytics; performance-based media services; issues and crisis management; tech and DevOps; content science and content creation; cybersecurity and threat intelligence; combatting mis and disinformation; and more.

We are now building out practices that benefit from Shared Services and our offering in Life Sciences, Technology, Purpose, Financial Services, Business and Professional Services and Consumer.

It is our view (and experience) that when you free up Founders time, provide them with the best services and a wider range of expertise, something interesting happens.

  • We build expertise in how to solve problems and create solutions.
  • We are not trying to fit round pegs and square holes.
  • We figure out what a client really needs and design the campaign and the team that fits the needs of our client each and every time.

It is our belief that we “shape the future” one step at a time.


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