our values

npg's core values

A value is a powerful belief that we put into practice.

We don’t need twenty of them. We don’t need high falutin’ thinking that we must take 20 minutes to dissect just to understand it. We just need values that really reflect our journey together. In this same spirit, every NPG firm has the freedom to customize the values that propel them. After all, values should match our personalities.

Our goal is to unlock the value of every person, team, practice and firm. We think of this every day in every action we take. It is a shared exercise and requires you to show up ready to change, as well.  It also means that we do not have time for people who “create noise,” otherwise known as jerks or politicians.  We are here for people who believe they can do more together.

Our models, tools and outcomes of our work will show our level of innovation.  We are constantly thinking through how to do something better. At our core, we are a bunch of innovators who are kind of relentless in how we think of solutions that others may not have thought of. And we’re comfortable knowing that time will show we’re pretty good at figuring out what’s next and scaling innovation.

Sure, we have titles, and we have an organizational map, but we don’t believe hierarchies solve many problems. Rather, if each of us looks at how we can help our team members, we will do better than expected. We seek team members who are there for you independent of circumstances to build the team, practice and firm we all desire. It’s hard work, but it can be done.

We believe our actions can make the world a better place.  And we believe every one of us is part of the solution.