Our Story

Unlocking What's Next

The Story Behind Our Logo

We are a team of people known for creating new models, disrupting old ones and not being satisfied with the status quo. We don’t accept conventional wisdom. It’s a bit too, shall we say, conventional for us. We build new models that reflect where the market is heading with ideas to follow.


We believe every member of our team is capable of doing more and our job is to help each other unlock our potential. You could say that we are always on the hunt for the key that will unlock something special. 

From Japan to Jersey

We have worked from Japan to Jersey. We have worked inside companies, inside agency holding companies and we have created more than our fair share of companies.

We are thankful to our past firms and their leaders for teaching us all that they know.
Now, it is our time to show what is possible. It is our time to unlock what is possible in each leader, each team, each practice and each firm.

It is why we created the NPG Model, which is designed to unlock the full value and potential of every one of us...

The result is what we call a “founder-friendly” model. It is a structure that is built to ensure entrepreneurs and their teams stay focused on their clients and not on activities that take them further away from the real reason we all form any firm in this space.

We are here to help our clients create advantage in the market, to look around the corner and figure out what’s next and apply it before their competitors can.

This is why we use the symbol of a key.

Every member of an NPG company should be asking what they can do to unlock their potential.  Every leader should ask how they will unlock the potential of their team.  And every team should be asking how they will do the same for their client.

Great models require great teams to ensure we can achieve our vision.  This is why we have focused on creating an A+ shared services team from day one.  Our shared services group can help with financial, human resources, technology, real estate, legal, tax and any other issue an entrepreneur may be faced with.

It is a rare entrepreneur who believes they can handle shared services better than our experts.  And even if they could, that takes valuable time away from their clients.

We next focus on our offering, which ranges from analytics to PESO media to content science.  In a similar analogy, our client teams will never have the time to go super deep in areas like AI or behavioral models or the inner workings of campaign metrics, so we have dedicated teams who are the best in their respective areas.

Our client experiences reminded us early on that we wanted firms that could work fluently in communications, marketing and public affairs. These are our three engines or key platforms.

We also know that clients want to work with firms who are really looking ahead, which is why we are going deep in Analytics (data science, AI, all forms of analytics), Intelligence (think deep and dark web), cybersecurity, combatting disinformation and more. We are constantly pushing ourselves to build expertise in areas well before a client asks for assistance.

We know the next important stage in our model is to combine all this expertise with leaders who know industries like the back of their hand.

Our platform is capable of building expertise in any industry. We are choosing to focus our attention on healthcare, technology, financial and professional services (and purpose, resilience and impact) today. Tomorrow, you will see us move into additional industry sectors.

Our clients, current and future, will tell us where to go. Our job is to listen.